1.2 Avoiding Youth Homelessness: Early Intervention Strategies


Conference Presentation | February 21, 2013

Files: Cocoon House’s Prevention Model by Cassie Franklin (PDF | 478 KB | 13 slides) Early Intervention: Preventing Youth and Family Homelessness by Sparky Harlan (PDF | 2.25 MB | 19 slides)

There are many opportunities to intervene early with youth to prevent a homeless episode or quickly reconnect them with their families. This workshop will examine outreach, school-based and family support interventions.

  • Cassie Franklin, Cocoon House, Everett, WA
  • Sparky Harlan, Bill Wilson Center, Santa Clara, CA
  • Laurie Jackson, National Safe Place, Louisville, KY
  • Adrienne Quinn, Medina Foundation, Seattle, WA (Moderator)