1.3 Planning and Funding a Youth Homelessness System


Conference Presentation | February 24, 2014

Files: PLANNING & FUNDING A YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT SYSTEM by Megan Gibbard (PDF | 190 KB | 12 slides) Metro Youth System Redesign Twin Cities Metro Area, MN by Mikkel Beckmen (PDF | 366 KB | 16 slides)

1.3 Planning and Funding a Youth Homelessness System

Preventing and ending youth homelessness requires more than a collection of good programs. It requires a systemic approach that ensures that every young person gets the most effective assistance, and that all of the stakeholders in a community are working toward shared outcomes. This workshop will describe how to plan such a system, how that system interacts with the adult and family homelessness systems, and how it is affected by the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act. It will also provide guidance for funders of youth programs about how they can use their resources to achieve the best overall outcomes.