1.4 On the Frontlines: Strategies for Case Management


Conference Presentation | March 5, 2014

Files: CASE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES: Lessons from Research and Practice by Jeff Olivet (PDF | 4.03 MB | 28 slides) On the Frontlines: Strategies forCase Management by Judith Samuels (PDF | 491 KB | 12 slides)

1.4 On the Frontlines: Strategies for Case Management

Successful case management can play a large role in a client’s ability to find and retain housing. Case managers increasingly use motivational interviewing to empower their clients to make decisions that will achieve better housing and personal outcomes. This workshop will cover this client-centered strategy focused on achieving specific goals and will also touch on the importance of trauma-informed care and cultural competency. Presenters will discuss implementing these strategies in your own case management work.