1.7 Successful Partnerships to Serve Survivors of Domestic Violence


Conference Presentation | July 20, 2012

Files: Existing Dynamics of the Clackamas County Homeless System by Melissa Erlbaum (PDF | 966 KB | 11 slides) Statewide Coordination for DV Survivors by Linda Olson (PDF |800 KB | 13 slides)

The importance of stable housing in the lives of survivors has been well documented. This workshop will focus on successful partnerships between homelessness assistance agencies, which often have housing resources from which survivors can benefit and domestic violence service agencies that have allowed communities to successfully address both the housing and service needs of survivors.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Melissa Erlbaum, Clackamas Women’s Services, Oregon City, OR
  • Linda Olsen, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Seattle, WA
  • Laura Phenix, Hamilton Family Center, San Francisco, CA