1.9 The ABCs of Rapid Rehousing


Conference Presentation | July 25, 2012

Files: The ABCs of Rapid Re-Housing by James Burden (PDF | 352 KB | 26 slides) ABCs of Rapid Re-Housing by Beth Fetzer-Rice (PDF | 227 KB | 26 slides)

Rapid rehousing programs are reducing the length of time people reside in shelter before returning to housing in the community. This introductory workshop will provide an overview of the rapid rehousing approach for practitioners and local policymakers who are new to the model. Housing search, landlord negotiation, rental assistance, access to employment, and home-based case management service strategies will be reviewed.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Jamey Burden, Community of Hope, Washington, DC
  • Beth Fetzer-Rice, The Salvation Army – Central Ohio, Columbus, OH
  • Sharan London, ICFI, Fairfax, VA (Moderator)