2.1 Systems-Level Strategies for Ending Youth Homelessness


Conference Presentation | July 23, 2012

Files: Priority Action Steps to Prevent and End Youth/Young Adult Homelessness (PDF | 562 KB | 60 pages) Preventing & Ending Youth/Young Adult Homelessness in King County by Adrienne Quinn (PDF | 620 KB | 15 slides) Metro System Youth Redesign by Cathy ten Broek (PDF | 909 KB | 18 slides)

To truly end youth homelessness, communities will have to shift their focus from program level planning to the systems level planning. This will require the establishment of clear desired outcomes and outcome measures to evaluate progress and the implementation system-level strategies to achieve them. This workshop will examine both the essential elements of a systems’ level approach to youth, including how to use resources to a maximum effect, as well as methods for establishing and measuring impact.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Cathy ten Broeke, City of Minneapolis/Hennepin County, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jennifer Ho, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, Washington, DC (Moderator)
  • Adrienne Quinn, Medina Foundation, Seattle, WA
  • Beth Stokes, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Los Angeles, CA