2.12 What Works: Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities


Conference Presentation | July 22, 2013

Files: Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities: Social Security Work Incentives by Jen Elder (PDF | 180 KB | 10 slides) IPS Supported Employment for People with Mental Illness by Bob Drake (PDF | 2.85 MB | 16 pages)

Working is often an important part of becoming stable in housing after an episode of homelessness. However, formerly homeless people with disabilities face unique barriers to employment. Presenters will discuss effective models and available resources that engage vulnerable people in work, for recovery as well as income.

  • Robert Drake, Dartmouth University, Hanover, NH
  • Jen Elder, Policy Research Associates, Delmar, NY
  • Andrew Sperling, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Arlington, VA (Moderator)