2.2 Promising Service Models to Improve Outcomes for Youth and Families


Conference Presentation | February 21, 2013

Files: The Groundwork Project: Wraparound with Homeless Youth by Erin Mguire (PDF | 922 KB | 19 slides)

Some families and youth benefit from intensive but time-limited supportive services to help them successfully transition out of homelessness and achieve housing stability. This workshop will focus on evidence-based service models, including Critical Time Intervention and Wraparound, and how homeless service providers are adapting these service models to get better outcomes for homeless and at-risk families and young adults.

  • Erin Maguire, Catholic Community Services, Seattle, WA
  • Lauren Pareti, Center for Urban Community Services, New York, NY
  • Judith Samuels, Nathan Kline Institute, Haworth, NJ (Speaker/Moderator)