2.6 Housing and Service Responses for Youth


Conference Presentation | July 22, 2013

Files: Host Home Model by Annette Becker (PDF | 1.03 MB | 9 slides) Housing and Service Responses for Youth by Lori Runge (PDF | 894 KB | 22 slides)

The majority of homeless youth will return safely home to their families or other adult caregivers. For the small subset of youth who are unable to do so, the homeless assistance system will have to provide appropriate housing and service options. This workshop will examine a variety of short– and long– term housing and service models for homeless youth.

  • Annette Becker, Youth Advocates of Sitka, Sitka, AK
  • Eric Grumdahl, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, Washington, DC (Moderator)
  • Angela Rosales, CSH, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lori Runge, Walkers Point Youth and Family Center, Milwaukee, WI