2.7 Introduction to Coordinated Assessment


Conference Presentation | July 22, 2013

Files: Coordinated Access Overview by Suzanne Wagner (PDF | 223 KB | 10 slides) Introduction to Coordinated Assessment: Housing Assessment Program by by Lauren Baker and Betty Zylstra (PDF | 357 KB | 16 slides) Introduction to Centralized Assessment by Meradith Alspaugh (PDF | 615 KB | 21 slides)

Communities that are just getting started with coordinated assessment are likely to have questions about how to design their processes, what tools to use for assessment and data collection, and what stakeholders to bring to the table and how. This workshop will serve as a “crash course” in everything communities need to know to start their coordinated assessment process on the right foot.

  • Meradith Alspaugh, Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless, Inc., Cincinnatti, OH
  • Lauren Baker The Salvation Army, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Suzanne Wagner, Housing Innovations, New York, NY (Moderator)
  • Betty Zylstra, The Salvation Army, Grand Rapids, MI