2011-2012 State and Local Budget Cuts Media Map


Interactive Tool | April 28, 2011

This map serves as a database of media articles about state and local budgets that have proposed cuts to homeless programs in the most recent fiscal year (2011 or 2012). The red markers identify places where cuts have been proposed, the type of program cut, the amount of the cut, and the fiscal year. Links to the media stories are included. (Note: only cuts made explicitly to homeless programs are included, not cuts to related services, such as TANF, mental health services, et cetera.)

Do you know of a state or local budget with proposed cuts to homeless programs that is not shown in the below map? Let us know and we'll add the link on this map. You can e-mail us or use this form.

Note: Though all links in this map are live at the time that they are added to the map, archiving practices at online media outlets will lead to some broken links for older stories.