2015 Midyear Update


Other | August 19, 2015

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2015 Midyear Update  

Dear Friend,

This time each year I look forward to sharing with you the significant progress that’s being made around ending homelessness. As a supporter of the Alliance, you know that this is an issue that has the ability to touch many. Whether it’s that moment we pass someone on the street or hear from a neighbor about a family in need, the simple act of opening our eyes and ears to the community around us puts into sharp perspective that homelessness is a reality in the lives of people across America each and every day.

Your support is what helps us be a resource to those in your community who are working to solve this very solvable social issue. We are grateful. Let me share with you some of our highlights so far in 2015:

Never Another Homeless Veteran: It’s Really Happening!

The Alliance has helped lead the charge to end veteran homelessness by the start of 2016 through promoting strategies that work. We have worked closely with Administration and Congressional leaders to ensure communities have access to funding and with local providers to ensure they can successfully implement proven solutions.  Already four cities: Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Binghamton, NY and Las Cruces, NM have announced they have ended veteran homelessness and many more are close behind.  The successes in these cities prove that together, with effective programs, we can not only end veteran, but all homelessness!

Creating Change at the Federal Policy Level

Our Policy Team is working diligently to ensure that when Congress reauthorizes the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, this key program will be able to do even more to end youth homelessness. The Team also organized over 300 advocates to visit their Congressional offices, making sure that Members understand how homelessness affects their Districts and how to solve the problem.

Working on the Ground in Communities Across the Country

The Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building provided technical assistance to 74 communities across six states. The Center also wrapped up a state-wide, four year project working with Virginia to improve its programs for helping homeless families. By the end of this initiative, Virginia reduced family homelessness by 25 percent!

Bringing Together Federal and Community Partners: Convening the Brightest Minds and Improving Brainpower

It’s no surprise that when government agencies and local and national organizations work together, we can institute real change. This year, the Alliance brought together federal agencies, local homelessness providers, and other advocacy and research organizations to help communities by developing the following resources and opportunities:

  • Hosted 2,500 advocates and experts at two bi-annual conferences. These conferences offer a unique opportunity to convene key leaders from across the country who are fighting to end homelessness.
  • Joined forces with HUD’s office of Policy Development and Research to publish “Assessment Tools for Allocating Homelessness Assistance: State of the Evidence.”
  • Wrote and coordinated an interagency Common Vision on transitional housing.
  • Released “The State of Homelessness in America 2015,” by The Alliance’s Homelessness Research Institute, the fifth in a series of reports that chart progress on ending homelessness in the United States

This is just part of our 2015 story. Thanks to loyal donors like you, we will build on the work we have completed thus far. We hope you will continue to be engaged with this issue by following us on Facebook and Twitter, reading our Ending Homelessness blog on our website, and by signing the Never Another Homeless Veteran statement at www.neveranotherhomelessveteran.org.

Homelessness is decreasing and we will continue to work diligently until there is never another homeless person, family, or child on the streets.


Nan Roman

President and CEO