3.1 Improving the Crisis Response for Youth


Conference Presentation | August 2, 2012

Files: Improving the Crisis Response for Youth by Kristen Granatek (PDF | 495 KB | 11 slides) Improving the Crisis Response for Older Homeless Youth by Mark J Kroner (PDF | 1017 KB | 19 slides)

Youth face particular dangers when sleeping and living on the streets, including violence, drugs, and sexual exploitation. It is essential that communities provide young people with safe and appropriate emergency housing options. This workshop will focus on best practices for crisis housing for minors, alternatives to physical shelter beds including host homes, and making sure the adult system is responsive to the needs of youth in crisis.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Kristen Granatek, Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, Hartford, CT (Speaker/Moderator)
  • Mark Kroner, Lighthouse Training Institute, Cincinnati, OH
  • Curtis O. Porter, Administration for Children and Families, Washington, DC