3.12 Messaging That Makes an Impact: Advancing Your Advocacy Agenda


Conference Presentation | July 23, 2013

Files: Collaboration for effective change by Douglas Tetrault (PDF | 126 KB | 10 slides) Advocacy Agenda in Nevada by Michele Fuller-Hallauer (PDF | 216 KB | 12 slides) Engaging Partners to End Homelessness through the use of Advocacy by Zachary Brown (PDF | 118 KB | 12 slides)

A critical component of our efforts to end homelessness is sufficient funding for key federal programs; however, in recent years, the budgetary and political climates have made securing these funds difficult. Despite this, advocacy efforts by communities across the nation have made a significant impact in ensuring our nation continues to serve its most vulnerable people. This workshop will examine messaging and policy agendas that have made the biggest impact and the strategies that will continue to influence policy- and decision-makers.
  • Zachary Brown, WV Coalition to End Homelessness, Inc., Bridgeport, WV
  • Michele Fuller-Hallauer, Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, Las Vegas, NV
  • Kate Seif, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Washington, DC (Speaker/Moderator)
  • Douglas Tetrault, Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, Boston, MA