3.5 Coordinated Response: Rapid Re-Housing and Employment


Conference Presentation | February 21, 2013

Files: Coordinated Response: Rapid Re-Housing and Employment by Michelle Flynn (PDF | 693 KB | 10 slides) Strategies for Improving Employment Outcomes for Rapid Re-Housing Participants by Jackie Edwards (PDF | 607 KB | 12 slides)

Helping families connect quickly to housing and employment is key to ending homelessness. This workshop will examine strategies that local communities are using to integrate rapid re-housing and employment interventions. Successful partnerships across multiple agencies and service sectors will be explored.

  • Nick Codd, Building Changes, Seattle, WA
  • Jackie Edwards, Catholic Charities - Diocese of Trenton, Trenton, NJ
  • Carol Wilkins, Consultant, Berkeley, CA (Moderator)
  • Michelle Flynn, The Road Home, Salt Lake City, UT