3.7 Retooling Your Transitional-Housing Program


Conference Presentation | July 23, 2012

Files: Families in Transition: a Successful Precedent for the Re-design of Transitional Housing Programs by Vera Beech (PDF | 1001 KB | 10 slides) Retooling Your Transitional Housing Program by Kay Moshier McDivitt (PDF | 740 KB | 24 slides) Retooling Your Transitional Housing Program by Kay Lora D. Routt (PDF | 408 KB | 15 slides) Families in Transition by Vera Beech (DOC | 5.24 MB | 15 slides)

If you are planning to make significant changes or redesign your transitional-housing program, this workshop will help you identify the steps to consider and provide tools for taking those steps. Transitional-housing providers who have retooled their programs will share experiences in areas of planning, staffing, contracts, and working with their Boards.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Vera Beech, Community Rebuilders, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Kay Moshier McDivitt, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Washington, DC (Speaker/Moderator)
  • Lora Routt, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC