4.14 Measuring Up: Strategies to Improve Performance and Outcomes


Conference Presentation | July 23, 2013

Files: DRIVE Up Performance in your CoC by DRIVE Up Performance in your CoC (PDF | 1.68 KB | 13 slides) Taking the First Steps towards Performance and Outcome improvement by Michael R. Wright, (PDF | 452 KB | 10 slides)

The HEARTH Act requires communities to measure and improve their systems’ performance on key indicators that directly impact overall homelessness. This workshop will provide examples of communities that are using performance measures to effectively improve performance and reduce homelessness. Presenters will describe their approaches in developing and implementing systemic benchmarks and improvement practices, including examples of financial incentives, reallocations, and targeting technical assistance to programs with poor outcomes.

  • Elaine DeColigny, EveryOne Home, Hayward, CA
  • Heather Lyons, CSH, Portland, OR (Speaker/Moderator)
  • Michael Wright, Homeless Initiative Partnership, Ft. Lauderdale, FL