6.11 Promotion for Events and Organizational Initiatives


Conference Presentation | July 24, 2013

Files: Faith and Family Homelessness by Lisa Gustaveson (PDF | 986 KB | 4 pages) Promotion for Events and Organization Initiatives Handout by Sara Loken (PDF | 198 KB | 1 page) Promotion for Events and Organization Initiatives by Sara Loken (PDF | 5.6 MB | 29 slides)

Over the course of a year, homeless assistance providers and other service organizations hold events and initiatives meant to spread awareness of key issues and messaging around solutions. Presenters will explore communications strategies for getting the attention and involvement of the public and the media through social media, traditional media, and grassroots efforts that could ensure the success of an organization’s next event or initiative.

  • Lisa Gustaveson, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
  • Catherine Hinrichsen, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
  • Sara Loken, Community Shelter Board, Columbus, OH