6.12 Meeting the Challenges of Re–Housing Older People


Conference Presentation | July 24, 2013

Files: Aging in Place:Serving Seniors in our Communities by Ramsey Alwin (PDF | 1.39 MB | 15 slides) Meeting the Challenge of Re-Housing Older People: Village-to-Village Overview by Edgar E. Rivas (PDF | 119 KB | 12 slides)

The number of older people experiencing homelessness in many communities is increasing, and analysts predict this will be a trend in the foreseeable future. In order to re–house older people and help them regain stability, providers need to know how to access aging services and housing options in the community. Speakers in this workshop will describe effective service strategies and present information on available resources and tools.

  • Ramsey Alwin, National Council on Aging, Washington, DC
  • Edgar Rivas, Volunteers of America, Washington, DC (Speaker/Moderator)
  • May Shields, Hearth, Inc., Boston, MA