6.4 Creating Successful Partnerships with Public Housing Authorities


Conference Presentation | July 27, 2012

Files: The Blueprint Family Partnership by Roberta Cancellier (PDF | 1.44 MB | 10 slides) Public Housing Authorities: Partnering to End Homelessness by LaToya K. Young (PDF | 190 KB | 14 slides) Developing Effective Partnerships with your PHA by Rachel Devlin (PDF | 405 KB | 13 slides)

Ending homelessness cannot be done without the support of public housing authorities (PHAs). This workshop will highlight innovative ways that communities and PHAs are working together to create preferences and other partnerships to place households experiencing homelessness in Section 8 and public housing. Presenters will discuss specific ways in which the relationships between local homeless assistance systems and PHAs have been structured.

The powerpoint presentations for this workshop are available for download above.


  • Roberta Cancellier, City of Philadelphia Office of Supportive Housing, Philadelphia, PA
  • Rachel Devlin, Portland Housing Authority, Portland, OR
  • Debbie Thiele, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Seattle, WA (Moderator)
  • Latoya Young, District Alliance for Safe Housing, Washington, DC