6.5 Maximizing System Effectiveness through Homelessness Prevention


Conference Presentation | July 24, 2013

Files: Shelter Diversion by Ed Boyte (PDF | 299 KB | 15 slides) Maximizing System Effectiveness through Homelessness Prevention by Kelly West (PDF | 1.05 MB | 35 slides)

Homelessness prevention and shelter diversion models that begin at the “front door” of the homeless assistance system are some of the most powerful tools communities have in their arsenal to reduce new entries into homelessness. The most effective homelessness prevention and diversion techniques attempt to stabilize people in their current housing situation if it is safe, not simply funnel them away from entering shelter. How to use flexible service resources, creative case management, short-term financial assistance, and connection with mainstream resources to make this stabilization happen will be an area of focus of this workshop. This workshop will also offer strategies for preventing households experiencing domestic violence from falling into homelessness.

  • Ed Boyte, Cleveland Mediation Center, Cleveland, OH
  • Kimberly Walker, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Washington, DC (Moderator)
  • Kelly West, LifeWire, Bellevue, WA