AL - Mobile and Baldwin Counties


Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

Files: PDF | 114 KB | 6 pages

In June 2005, “A Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama” was developed by the Homeless Coalition of the Gulf Coast, Inc. This plan is build around the framework of eleven goals, each with additional sub-objectives and designated responsible agencies. The goals are:

  1. Conduct more intensive and better-coordinated street outreach
  2. Develop and implement protocol for early identification, assessment, and intervention for the chronic homeless in shelter facilities
  3. Actively engage law enforcement agencies in the plan to end chronic homelessness
  4. Develop and implement protocol for early identification, assent, intervention, and discharge for the chronic homeless who are incarcerated
  5. Obtain Memoranda of Understandings regarding discharge procedures that result in homelessness
  6. Provide additional permanent housing for the chronic homeless
  7. Build the service infrastructure needed to maintain the chronic homeless in housing
  8. Develop a case management manual and service directory that facilitate intervention services for the chronic homeless
  9. Emphasize reunification of families as a primary strategy for ending chronic homelessness
  10. Assess and upgrade research and data collection systems and methods to ensure an accurate count and understanding of chronic homelessness
  11. To prevent homelessness, develop a comprehensive opportunity village
This plan will be evaluated and updated annually as required.