Alliance Applauds 11-Year Old Zach Bonner for His “My House to the White House” Walk


Press Releases | July 8, 2009

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Alliance Applauds 11-Year Old Zach Bonner for His “My House to the White House” Walk
Alliance proudly supports Bonner’s efforts to raise awareness about youth homelessness

Today, 11-year old Zach Bonner will arrive in Washington, D.C. after walking 668 miles from his Atlanta, GA home. Upon arrival, Bonner intends to hand President Barack Obama letters from children across the country, urging the president to address youth homelessness.

For Bonner, this is the third in a series of walks aimed at raising awareness about youth homelessness in the nation. In 2007, Bonner walked from Tampa to Tallahassee. In 2008, he walked from Tallahassee to Atlanta. Along the way, he gave talks to schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, and clubs, encouraging listeners to take decisive action to address youth homelessness in their communities.

The Alliance proudly supports Bonner in his endeavor, and has provided technical assistance as well as informational assistance.

“Zach is an extraordinary young man, who has brought national attention to a serious problem,” said Nan Roman, president of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. “Zach is raising awareness about an often invisible population. Most homeless youth try to stay hidden for fear of being exploited by adults on the streets or returned to abusive or neglectful homes. In this country, over one million young people experience homelessness each year. Tens of thousands will require crisis intervention and housing support to avoid being harmed in street environments. Like Zach, we must take decisive action to prevent and end youth homelessness in this country.”