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Newsletters | November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013    
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Join the Alliance's Never Another Homeless Veteran Campaign

This Veteran's Day, the Alliance launched its Never Another Homeless Veteran Campaign. On any given night, more than 60,000 U.S. veterans are homeless. Veterans face unique obstacles in finding stable, safe housing. Skills learned in the military do not always match the needs of the civilian workplace. For veterans with combat-related injuries or mental-health conditions, finding and keeping housing can be especially difficult. At the same time, veterans face the same challenges as the rest of us: a critical shortage of affordable housing and stubbornly high unemployment.

Ending homelessness among veterans is an achievable goal. Veteran homelessness has declined nearly 17 percent since 2009, and with continued funding and support, we can reach a day where every veteran has secure housing. We know what it will take to get there, and we have a plan. Will you join the Alliance and its partners in working toward a day when no veteran is without a home?

Yes, I'll sign the Never Another Homeless Veteran statement.

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Hill Update

Budget Conferees to Continue Negotiations
The conference committee working on a Budget Resolution to outline federal spending for fiscal year (FY) 2014 will meet tomorrow morning to continue negotiations. Democrats on the conference committee have recently focused on closing loopholes in the tax code in order to generate enough revenue to replace sequestration cuts for at least a year. It is unclear whether Republican members of the conference committee will be open to closing any of the tax loopholes.

Although the conference committee's self-imposed deadline to craft the Budget Resolution is December 13, House and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairs Hal Rogers (R-KY) and Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) urged the conference committee to agree to the topline number by November 22, or December 2 at the latest. Expediting the process in this way would allow appropriators to conclude the long-delayed work on FY 2014 spending bills sooner, with the goal of having an omnibus bill prepared in time to meet the set January 15 deadline to prevent another federal government shutdown.

House Returns from Recess
The House returned from recess today. Both chambers are now expected to remain in session until they depart for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Conference Scholarships, Volunteer Opportunities Available

The Alliance is currently accepting applications for its scholarship and volunteer programs for the 2014 National Conference on Family and Youth Ending Homelessness, which will take place in New Orleans at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, February 18 to 19.

The deadline to submit an application for the scholarship program is Wednesday, December 18. Only individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness or who have experienced homelessness in the past are eligible to apply. More information about the scholarship program and the application process is available on the scholarships page of the conference website.

Individuals who are interested in volunteering at the conference can receive complimentary conference registration. To learn more about the volunteer program, visit the volunteer page of the conference website. To apply, email the Alliance's Director of Meetings and Events D'Arcy Klingle at

Webinar Recording: Coordinated Assessment, Understanding Assessment Tools

We have posted on the Alliance website a recording of a webinar that originally streamed on Monday, November 4, covering how communities should approach the assessment phase of their coordinated intake system. In the recording, the Alliance's Kim Walker, technical assistance specialist, and Norm Suchar, Center for Capacity Building director, discuss what should happen during your assessment process and what questions to ask when selecting assessment tools.

Alliance and Partner Offer Transatlantic Practice Exchange Opportunity

The Alliance and Homeless Link, a homeless charity based in England, are offering an opportunity for practitioners in the homeless assistance sector to establish transatlantic best practice connections. Funded by the Oak Foundation, the Transatlantic Practice Exchange will allow five participants from the U.S. to spend up to two weeks with a homeless assistance organization in the U.K. next year. Candidates for the Exchange should be mid-level professional staff in the homelessness field. They will be selected based on a competitive application process. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, December 1.

During their placement, participants will explore a practice area of interest with their host organization and other organizations in the locality. Suggested practice areas to focus on while in the U.K. include street outreach and coordinated assessment, serving people with multiple needs (i.e. mental or physical health, substance abuse, trauma), and youth homelessness. However, applicants are also encouraged to propose their own practice area of focus.

Last Week on Ending Homelessness Today

Where are homeless college students supposed to go during school breaks?
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"I'm in college, and I'm homeless." This was the subject line of an email to hundreds of thousands of subscribers to, a website that helps everyday citizens generate petitions for various causes. In this post, we look at one student's effort to persuade her college to allow her to stay in her dorm during a school break, as well as the challenges and barriers faced by college students who are homeless.

Data Points: Supporting Homeless Youth
By Samantha Batko

As part of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, the Alliance is featuring research on homeless youth and what we know about ending homelessness for young people. In this post, we look at networks that homeless youth have and the implications those support networks can have on how we help a youth exit homelessness.

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