Back on Track: Supporting Youth Reentry from Out-of-Home Placement to the Community


National Alliance to End Homelessness and The Sentencing Project

Solutions Brief | November 23, 2009

Files: PDF | 330 KB | 42 pages

This issue brief is jointly published by members of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition to raise awareness around reentry services nationally. It outlines the concept of reentry services in theory and practice, offers a review of federal policy previously enacted to support reentry, suggests opportunities for improvements in public policy, and reviews promising initiatives.

The brief covers the following areas:

  • Characteristics of Reentry Youth
  • Collateral Consequences Associated with Out-of-Home Placement
  • Necessary Components of Youth Reentry Services
  • Effective Outcomes for Youth Reentry
  • History of Federal Support for Youth Reentry
  • Federal Support for Reentry in the Child Welfare System
  • Principles for Effective Youth Reentry
  • Recommendations for Federal Leadership in Youth Reentry