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San Jose, California

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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On August 8, 2003, the San Jose Department of Housing announced its “Homeless Strategy.” The Strategy outlines the extent of the homeless problem in San Jose, describes the many programs and policies the City has adopted over the years, and lays out a series of policies and actions designed to eliminate chronic homelessness in San Jose within ten years. Examples include:
  • Prevention – emphasizing programs that seek to prevent homelessness
  • Rapid Re-housing – continuing to support existing homeless and transitional shelters but change the focus to moving people quickly into permanent housing
  • Wrap-around Services - rely on existing successful nonprofit entities to provide direct services to the homeless rather than having the City compete by providing these services
  • Proactive Efforts – ensuring that data systems collect the information needed to determine the needs of the homeless and the success of program efforts