California:  Preventing Homelessness Among Reentering Prisoners


Best Practice | August 18, 2006

California's reentry initiative will fund coaches to assist ex-offenders in locating housing and accessing stabilization services. Rental subsidies will also be offered to program participants.

Target Population
The initiative will target at least 60 high-risk males, ranging from 14-29, over the next three years.

Program Description:
California's reentry plan will establish a network of "coaches" or case managers to assist ex-offenders in transitioning back to the community. The coaches will help returning prisoners locate housing and connect them to social services through a network of service providers.

Funds have also been set aside for short-term housing subsidies, which can be utilized for the maximum of 5 months. The subsidies are available to both adult and juvenile offenders.

Corrections administrators have approached housing developers to build apartments with supportive services and case management on site. Rental subsidies could be attached to units designated for ex-offenders. This component of the initiative is still in the planning stage.

The California Department of Corrections will receive $2,000,000 from the Department of Justice.