Connecticut Department of Children and Families Housing Continuum


Best Practice | August 11, 2006

In the past several years, Connecticut revamped the service delivery to adolescents in their care. Youth work their way through a continuum of housing options, moving from highly structured, supervised living arrangements to a transitional phase where support is provided while structure and restriction is decreased. Connecticut contracts approximately 60 Independent Living Providers and is able to expand housing options within the continuum as demand increases.

Target Population

Connecticut's Adolescent Services targets youth 14 and older, whose permanency goal is emancipation.

Referral Process

At age 14, all youth are transferred to caseworkers specializing in independent living services for youth. Youth are then referred to a provider that will serve the individual housing needs of the youth.



Phase I: Preparation for Adult Living Group Homes

  • The average length of stay is two years
  • Average age of youth served is 14-16
  • 8-10 youth per group home
  • 24 hour supervision is provided
  • Average per diem is $165


Phase II: Transitional Living Apartment Program

  • The average length of stay is 18 months.
  • Average per diem is $175
  • Youth generally enter this phase at age 16 or 17
  • Youth live in apartments or homes with other youth
  • The provider agency pays the rent
  • Youth have resident advisor who live on site and provide 24 hour supervision


Phase III: Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAPS)

  • The average length of stay is 2 years
  • Youth generally enter the program around the age of 18
  • The average per diem is $52-70.
  • Youth must have completed the Department's life skills program, be employed, and enrolled in an educational or vocational program, and exhibit adequate behavior and social skills.
  • Youth receive a subsidy based on market rent and cost of food, utilities, telephone, transportation, and clothing.
  • Youth directly receive subsidy and must provide receipts to agency and provider case worker.
  • Youth must contribute 25% of their income to the subsidy total, and must save 40% of their income. CHAP contracts are reviewed every 3 months.
  • Five hours of case management is provided at $22 per hour. More can be provided based on individual need.


For more information, contact:

Frank Martin
Adolescent Services Coordinator
Connecticut Department of Children and Families
Phone (860) 550-6592

Bill Pinto
Director of Youth Development
Connecticut Department of Children and Families
Phone (860) 550-6471