Coordinated Assessment Toolkit: Handing Data and HMIS


Toolkits | March 13, 2012

Communities can use the tools provided below to help them manage data for their coordinated assessment systems.

Community Services Worksheet - Dropdown Menus
Community Services Worksheet – No Dropdown Menus (National Alliance to End Homelessness)
For communities without other data systems (such as HMIS) to do this for them, this Excel sheet provides a template in which important program information can be stored for the use of staff working at the coordinated assessment points. This sheet will help them decide what program a household should be referred to, based on the services each program offers and the number of available bed slots they have. This worksheet is only useful if updated consistently (at least once a day), so communities should set up a process by which staff can receive updated information from programs quickly and efficiently. Optional, changeable drop down menus are available under the ‘Program Type’ and ‘Population Served’ columns in the Dropdown Menus version of this tool. Communities should feel free to modify either of these documents as necessary.

Client Release of Information Form (Whatcom County, WA)
Whatcom developed these forms as part of its coordinated assessment process and during its work resulting from the Alliance’s System Design Clinic. This brief form, used as part of the coordinated assessment process, is used to get permission from clients/consumers to share their data with other homeless assistance and service providers as necessary.

Interagency Data Sharing Memorandum of Agreement (Whatcom County, WA)
This document from Whatcom County delineates the rights and responsibilities of each organizational participant in the jurisdiction’s coordinated assessment process.

Client Authorization to Release and Exchange Information (Individuals) (Memphis/Shelby County, TN)
This is a one-page release for individuals seeking services and states what information of a client’s will be shared with other agencies.

Authorization to Release and Exchange Information (Families) (Memphis/Shelby County, TN)
This release is similar to the one above, but is specifically geared toward families.

Consent to Release Information (Individuals) (Hennepin County, MN)
This one-page release for individuals includes a list of the information clients are authorizing be obtained and shared, the agencies that it will be shared with, and a description of the rights of a person declining to share their information.

HMIS Client Notice and Consent (Dayton/Montgomery County, OH)
This release comes from Dayton/Montgomery County, OH, and allows clients to delineate which information can be shared, how their information will be used, and the agencies the information can be shared with.

This toolkit includes six sections: