Coordinated Entry Assessment Questionnaire


Toolkits | March 21, 2012

Files: Coordinated Assessment Questionnaire | DOC | 5 pages

This is an excerpt from the questionnaire. To download the entire questionnaire, please use the link above.

For Survey Administrators:

This survey of consumers (people experiencing homelessness or that formerly experienced homelessness) can be used as an evaluation tool to determine if coordinated assessment is creating a shorter path for consumers between homelessness and a return to permanent housing. The questionnaire ties into the Coordinated Assessment Evaluation Tool, but can be used independently.

It is crucial that as communities move forward they include consumers in the evaluation process; after all, coordinated assessment systems are meant to serve them more efficiently. The questionnaire should be administered at consistent intervals before and after a coordinated assessment has been implemented; suggestions and responses should be taken seriously and used to aid in the process of making adjustments or changes to the assessment system. Consumers should never be pressured or mandated to take the survey. Communities should feel free to develop their own system for how the survey is administered, change the questions in the survey, and make decisions about how the consumers to be surveyed are selected.

For Consumers:

Thank you for taking this survey about your experiences. Everything you say here will be anonymous. We will use these surveys to improve the way we serve people experiencing homelessness in our community.

There may be some terms in the survey that you are unfamiliar with. To help, here is how we define the following words in the survey:

Permanent Housing: Housing that you live in and can stay in or leave whenever you want. It may be an apartment with your name on the lease or a house. It may also be a place where you are staying with somebody else, but are allowed to stay or leave whenever you want. An emergency shelter or other program bed (described below) would not be considered permanent housing.

Program Bed: A bed or apartment-like unit in an emergency shelter, transitional housing, recovery program, or other program where you can only live temporarily (NOT permanent housing).

Homeless Assistance Organization or Program: Any program or organization that offers services or housing to someone who is about to lose their housing or has already become homeless.