Cost Savings with Permanent Supportive Housing



Interactive Tool | March 1, 2010

The Homelessness Research Institute used the results of several studies (cited below) of expenditure reductions through permanent supportive housing to create an interactive stacked bar chart that illustrates the relative costs of permanent supportive housing and homelessness (prior to supportive housing) in four cities (Portland, ME; New York, NY; Portland, OR, and Denver, CO) and one state (Rhode Island). The chart illustrates the fact that the cost of permanent supportive housing is offset in most instances by reductions in emergency shelter costs and health care (physical and behavioral) costs.

Click on the individual bar segments to see annual per person costs in each category.


* Note: Not all studies reported costs in all of the cost categories. And because of variation in how health care and behavioral health care costs are reported, these categories of costs should not be compared across communities.


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