Data Collection Tips and Strategies


Solutions Brief | November 5, 2010

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ToolData You Can GetWays to Use
HMIS - “canned reports”Everything in your HMIS (entries, exits, demographics, outcomes, time frames)Select metrics you are interested in ( for example: exits to permanent housing within 45 days)
Point –in –time CountInformation about total population including chronic homelessness, demographics, etc. at a particular date/week over time
  • Look at changes in size of total population and subpopulations over time
  • Compare to system APR or AHAR for effectiveness   of reach of system and with specific populations
AHARPopulation estimates, demographics, points of entry, lengths of stay, system capacity and turnover
  • Look at turnover rates for singles and families, transitional housing and shelter
  • Compare to need from PIT count, to turnover rates of rapid re-housing programs
HPRP reports
  • Information on prevention/re-housing population
  • Costs of financial assistance
  • Time of assistance
  • Destinations
  • Use to look at persons served, demand for prevention, costs of prevention
  • Run CoC APR using HPRP data to compare with regular APR – look at differences in population
  • Look in HMIS to determine if people served in HPRP in other parts of the system return to homelessness