Design for Results: Developing a Ten Year Plan


Conference Presentation | July 9, 2007

Files: Development of 10-Year Plans to End Homelessness: Case Study-Gainesville, FL by Jon DeCarmine (PDF | 63 KB | 22 pages) Effective Task Force Development: An Analysis of a Community Task Forcce on Homelessness by Hilary Morgan (PPT | 149 KB | 17 pages) Developing a Plan to End Homelessness by Kari Bedell (PPT | 3.98 MB | 43 pages) Buffalo and Erie County's Ten-Year Plan: A Collaborative Initiative to End Homelessness by Katie McHugh Connolly (PPT | 6.62 MB | 18 pages)

This workshop covered the development of a plan to end homelessness from start to finish presented by communities that have done it. Planning steps include enlisting the right stakeholders, developing a work plan and structuring committees, researching needs and best practices, refining strategies, and maintaining momentum. Workshop speakers also discussed how to ensure that the plan moves from paper to action and how the process itself changed their community.