Domestic Violence: Key Services and Outcomes


Conference Presentation | March 3, 2008

Files: Integrated Service Model for Domestic Violence Survivors by Catherine Shugrue dos Santos (PPT | 1.18 MB | 23 pages) Domestic Violence and Homelessness by Linda Olsen (PPT | 82 KB | 17 pages) Federal Housing Law and Survivors of Domestic Violence by Kathy Zeisel (PPT | 127 KB | 22 pages)

Survivors of domestic violence have both short and long-term housing needs that must be met so that they do not have to choose between staying with an abusive partner and residing in shelter or on the streets. These families face unique challenges that require unique solutions.

The above presentations were made at the February 2008 National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness. Workshop speakers focused on increasing family safety and financial and housing security while helping families cope with and overcome the effects of trauma and violence.