Eligibility Criteria and Rating Tool for Hennepin County Family Homelessness Prevention


Solutions Brief | April 25, 2011

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This is Hennepin County’s Eligibility Criteria and Rating Tool, used to assess families’ eligibility for prevention assistance resources. They developed the tool by using data on their sheltered households to create the criteria and scoring system, a method that is currently recognized as a best practice. Further explanation of the tool is available in some of the additional Hennepin materials in this toolkit and in this solutions brief.

Excerpt: Eligibility Requirements
All families will be screened for the following:

  • Income: Only families with incomes at or below 30% of Area Median Income will receive Prevention
  • Trigger Crisis: An event has occurred which is expected to result in housing loss within 30 days or less (See Attachment B for a list of trigger crises)
  • No Resources or Viable Plan to Resolve Crisis: No other options are possible for resolving the crisis. “But for this assistance” this family would become literally homeless—staying in a shelter, car, or place not meant for human habitation.
  • Reasonable Expectation for Sustainable Resolution: At the initial assessment for assistance, there is a reasonable expectation that the crisis can be resolved and existing housing (or relocation to alternative housing) can be sustained by the family after services and assistance are ended.
  • Score of at Least 20 Points -or 15-19 points with over-ride SIGN-OFF.