Emergency Shelter


Best Practice | April 25, 2017

Emergency shelters play a critical role when it comes to ending homelessness. Over the years, the emergency shelter system has received little attention. So this month, the Alliance and its Center for Capacity Building will kick-off The Emergency Shelter Webinar Series, a six-month installment of webinars and complementary resources and tools dedicated to guiding and supporting communities interested in improving the way they serve those experiencing homelessness and in need of shelter. This multi-faceted campaign is for anyone looking to improve shelter outcomes in their community. 

Follow the Series

1. The Role of Emergency Shelter in the Crisis Response System (Slides). This webinar discusses the role of emergency shelters in a crisis response system. This webinar disucsses what data and research tells us about emergency shelter and why people may choose not to access shelter. 

Next step: After watching the webinar, download the Self-Assessments and Action Plans below and fill them out with your team. You can also fill out the Self-Assessment Survey online by taking the survey here.

2. The Keys to Effective Low Barrier Emergency Shelters. This webinar gives an overview of the Five Keys to Effective Emergency Shelter: using a Housing First approach, safe and appropriatediversion, immediate and low-barrier access to shelter, housing-focused services, and using data to measure performance. 

Next step: After watching the webinar, use our Shelter Outcome Metrics Form to measure and evaluate your shelter's performance.

Upcoming Webinars

  • June: How to Transition Your Emergency Shelter to a Low-Barrier and Housing-Focused Shelter Model
  • July: Which Rules are the Right Rules for Low-Barrier Emergency Shelters?
  • August: Using Data to Evaluate and Improve Shelter Outcomes
  • September: How to Provide Equal Access in Emergency Shelter