Engaging the Media


National Alliance to End Homelessness

Toolkits | February 3, 2011

Files: PDF | 3.4 MB | 9 pages

Media engagement is an invaluable tool when advocating for change. Press coverage can help you get your message out to potentially millions, educate the general public about your goal of ending homelessness, and direct information to opinion leaders and decisionmakers who have the power to advance your goals. The benefits are priceless if legislation is passed, new funding streams emerge, or public interest in ending homelessness increases.

Engaging the media is usually a less direct form of advocacy. Your work with the media will focus more on educational efforts and getting the attention of your Member of Congress. This is a longer term advocacy strategy that has the ability to inform and influence a wider audience.

This toolkit covers various types of media engagement, including op-eds, letters to the editor, press releases, media advisories, and talking with reporters, as well as the benefits of working with the media.

In addition to several helpful tips and a list of five key steps for success, this toolkit also includes:

  • Example op-ed;
  • Example letter to the editor;
  • Example press release; and
  • Example media advisory.

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