Exploring Racism’s Impact on Youth Homelessness in America


Conference Presentation | July 9, 2007

Files: Disproportionality in Homeless Youth by Richard Hooks-Wayman and LaKesha Pope (PPT | 120 KB | 19 pages) Descriptive Overview: African American Youth in Transitional Living Programs by Von E. Nebbitt (PPT | 174 KB | 23 pages) Selected Results from Minority Executive Leadership Initiative Survey by Kayla Jackson (PPT | 220 KB | 15 pages) Exploring Racism's Impact on Youth Homelessness in America: Overview and Research by Adrienne Fernandes (PPT | 595 KB | 8 pages)

Research reveals troubling over-representation of African Americans and American Indians among homeless youth.  Providers are interested in finding ways to appropriately serve youth of color, from a cultural and youth development perspective, and are increasingly aware of the overrepresentation of American Indian and African American youth in programs.  This meeting included a broad discussion on race and youth homelessness to review current data and research and explore the link between child welfare systems and juvenile justice systems and youth homelessness.