Financing Affordable Housing: An Introduction


Conference Presentation | July 10, 2007

Files: Affordable Housing Programs: Eligibility (PDF | 12 KB | 1 page) How to Finance Affordable HOusing with Low Income Housing Tax Credit by Stephen Coyle, Karen Howarth, and Stephanie Wiggins (PPT | 164 KB | 20 pages) Financing Terms and Definitions (PDF | 24 KB | 5 pages) Proforma Explanation (PDF | 24 KB | 3 pages) Sources of Financing for Affordable Housing (PDF | 13 KB | 1 page)

This workshop provided participants with a general overview of how to finance affordable housing. The course covered how to read real estate pro forma and general information regarding different financing sources for affordable housing, including CDBG, HOME funds, grants, low-income housing tax credits, and bond financing. Workshop participants will learn the basics of how to put together financing to house formerly homeless individuals—whether you are developing five units or 105.