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Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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In 2001, Florida’s Policy Academy Team was created to guide the Florida Office on Homelessness and to help develop policy recommendations to reduce homelessness in the state. With the vision to “end chronic homelessness in Florida by 2012,” the team published the “State of Florida: Homeless Policy Academy Action Plan” in March of 2003. At a glance, the five goals of this plan are: 1) Increase the amount of housing linked to supportive services; 2) Prevention to reduce the number of chronically homeless by creating better results through mainstream programs and linking services and housing; 3) Outreach to ensure all chronically homeless persons are given the opportunity to access mainstream services and housing; 4) Increase the supply of beds available to shelter the chronically homeless; and 5) Create the infrastructure to engage local continuums of care and other state agencies in implementation of the plan.