Follow the Dollar: Conducting your Own Case Studies


Conference Presentation | July 11, 2007

Files: The Back-of-Napkin Study by Office Patrick O'Bryan (PPT | 221 KB | 16 pages) Studying the Costs of Homelessness: Midstream Lessons from a National Cost Study by Jill Khadduri (PPT | 245 KB | 13 pages) Linking HMIS with Mainstream Healthcare Databases by Evan Scully (PPT | 1.2 MB | 22 pages)

The effects homelessness has on a community can sometimes be quantified with a dollar amount. Cost analysis is a powerful tool for program administrators who make decisions on how to allocate scarce funding for housing and services and for advocates who are seeking to demonstrate a case for ending homelessness. This workshop explored how to perform a cost study with different levels of sophistication from back of the envelope estimates to rigorous research studies.