FY 2015 McKinney Sample Letter to Members


Advocacy Resource | March 4, 2014

Files: McKinney Sample Letter for House (WORD DOCUMENT | 18.7 KB | 1 PAGE) McKinney Sample Letter for Senate (WORD DOCUMENT | 32.5 KB | 1 PAGE)

Use the above sample letters as guides for contacting your Senators and Representatives urging them to provide $2.405 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD)'s McKinney-Vento programs in fiscal year (FY) 2015 and to sign-on to the House or Senate Dear Colleague letter (currently being circulated by Senator Reed in the Senate and Representative Moore in the House). Direct these letters to the attention of the person who handles housing issues for your Member's office.

We have set a goal of sending at least 500 letters to Members of Congress by March 31. After sending your letters, make sure to contact Julie Klein at jklein@naeh.org so we can keep track of the total number of letters sent.

Download the editable documents above to personalize these template. These versions can be shared with colleagues and partners electronically as well.

Please also forward along this sample action alert to your email networks and ask them to send letters to their Members of Congress.

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