GA - Columbus-Muscogee County


Ten Year Plan | April 14, 2011

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The City of Columbus-Muscogee County ten year plan to end homelessness has envisioned that their community will “eradicate homelessness in Columbus, Georgia within ten years.”

Their mission is as follows:

“To make homelessness ATYPICAL: To develop a prevention program that reorients Columbus’ service system from managing homelessness to one that prevents and eliminates homelessness.

To make homelessness TEMPORARY: Develop a system that responds rapidly to homeless situations.

To make homelessness NON-RECURRING: To provide housing and support services that allows individuals and families to return to self sufficiency with dignity.”

Their guiding principles are as follows:

“Successful implementation of this plan will require the efforts of many organizations and individuals: local and state government, the business community, faith-based organizations, foundations, homeless service providers, volunteers, donors, landlords, employers, health care organizations and, of course, the people experiencing homelessness themselves. This plan will be:

• Community Driven
• A Service Provider Collaborative
• A Care Approach
• Measureable in Outcomes
• Focused on Housing First”