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Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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The State of Georgia’s “Homeless Action Plan to End Homelessness in Ten Years,” was developed in December of 2002 by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The contents of this report outline the goals and action steps that the Georgia policy team believes will enable the State to fully access the federal resources that will be necessary to end chronic homelessness in Georgia in the next decade. The six goals are:
  1. Expand access to and use of the federal mainstream support services programs by the chronically homeless
  2. Provide housing for chronically homeless individuals and families that is both affordable and appropriate for the delivery of support services
  3. Develop and adopt state policies to end the discharge of institutionalized individuals directly to homeless facilities
  4. Develop a local collaborative planning model of how integrated housing and homeless service delivery strategies can be implemented at the community level
  5. Engagement of the State leadership in the adoption of strategies, allocation of resources and the implementation of the recommendations of this report
  6. Take the necessary actions to fully utilize the available federal and other funds available to address the needs of the homeless