Hennepin County Homelessness Prevention Programs, Hennepin Co


Best Practice | August 11, 2006

With a housing vacancy rate below 1% and very high rental rates, Hennepin County is promoting efforts that will keep families in sustainable housing and preventing them from ever requiring emergency shelter. The county is on the forefront of rapidly re-housing those who become homeless through the Rapid Exit Program relying primarily on federal funds. The state Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program supplements the Rapid Exit Program and provides the financing for homelessness prevention activities. The county sub-contracts with eighteen non-profit agencies to deliver services that include financial assistance, case management and other assistance to eligible families to prevent the loss of housing.


Target Population:

  • Imminently homeless families and single adults.



  • No other available public or private resources sufficient to resolve housing crisis including savings, use of public benefits, selling some goods, downsizing vehicle.
  • Family must be able to sustain housing following receipt of short-term assistance either in existing housing or in a more affordable housing unit.
  • Impending crisis--written eviction notice, overcrowded housing, condemned building, victim of domestic violence, lost income, hazard in home, mortgage in default, requires temporary housing subsidy to complete an approved plan to reunify family.



  • Legal services to address eviction cases in court.
  • Short and long term case management.
  • Volunteer assistance to help families stabilize housing.
  • Landlord/tenant mediation and assistance in securing new housing if housing. is lost without requiring stay in homeless shelter.
  • Financial assistance.


Source of Funding:

  • Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) that includes TANF block grant and state general revenue funds


Objective/Service Utilization/Outcome Data:

  • 1st year, 1,483 families served (4,712 individuals) with FHPAP funds
  • 2nd year, 1,456 families served (5,063 individuals) with FHPAP funds
  • 3%-4% of families served became homeless in succeeding twelve months
  • 9% of families served had history of county homeless shelter use in year prior to receiving prevention services
  • Over the two-year period a cost of $938,898 was used for prevention activities, a cost of $331 per family served.


For More Information Contact:

Shirley Hendrickson
Grants Administrator
Adult Housing Program
Hennepin County
A1505 Government Center
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0151