Highest CoC Homeless Population and Rates


Interactive Tool | April 15, 2010

The first two issues of the Geography of Homelessness series identify the types of places - urban or rural - where homelessness is most prevalent. Part 1 in the series confirms that the vast majority of homeless people are counted in Urban and Mostly Urban areas.

CoCs with Highest Number of People Experiencing Homelessness

Part 2 finds that while homeless rates in Urban and mostly Urban areas are - on average - higher than in rural and mostly rural areas, there are some rural places with high rates of homelessness. Note that the rates in the table are per 10,000 in the general population.

CoCs with Highest Rates of Homelessness (per 10,000)

The map below identifies the top 10 Continua of Care in terms of homeless population size (shown with orange pushpins) and rate of homelessness (shown with green markers) and shows that while the places with the most homeless people are either cities or large, multi-county "balance of state" CoCs, rural CoCs are among the CoCs with the highest rates. Only one place, Detroit, is on both top 10 lists.