Homeless System Simulation Game


Other | March 7, 2013

Files: Assembly Instructions (PDF | 190 KB | 1 page) Player Instructions (PDF | 230 KB | 2 pages) Facilitator Instructions (PDF | 200 KB | 2 pages) Game Boards (PDF | 300 KB | 7 pages) Game Cards (PDF | 625 KB | 15 pages) Game Score Card (PDF | 170 KB | 1 page) Key Terms (DOCX | 14.7 KB | 2 pages)

The Homeless System Simulation Game is designed to help communities understand how the homeless assistance system works. On this page you will find materials to print and facilitate your own Homeless System Simulation Game, an activity usually conducted at the Alliance's System Design Clinics.The simulation is a very simplified version of how homelessness assistance systems work, and was designed using actual data for outcomes of programs in different communities across the country. The game encourages thought and discussion regarding your local homelessness assistance system, and the impact of decisions and strategies to reduce homelessness and meet HEARTH Act objectives. Questions regarding the game should be directed to thecenter@naeh.org.

The instructional video below explains how the game is played.