Homelessness and Prisoner Re-Entry


Council of State Governments and National Alliance to End Homelessness

Fact Sheets | August 11, 2006

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This fact sheet examines the relationship between prison and jail reentry and homelessness. In particular, it examines the following points:

  • An unprecedented number of people are coming out of prison and jail.
  • Many people released from prison or jail are at risk for homelessness, which can increase the likelihood that they will commit new crimes and return to prison.
  • State and local budgets cannot sustain spending on shelter and emergency costs to serve increasing numbers of people who are homeless; long-term housing solutions can decrease the costs associated with people who would otherwise become homeless, such as people released from prison and jail.
  • Organizations have developed different housing interventions to prevent homelessness and promote independence and self-sufficiency among re-entering offenders in several states.