Homelessness by Geographic Type


Interactive Tool | April 15, 2010

On July 14, 2009, the Alliance released the first in a series of briefs about the distribution of the homeless population across five distinct geographic types - urban, mostly urban, rural, mostly rural, and urban-rural mix. The report established the distribution of the total homeless population across those categories. While the distribution at the national level is overwhelmingly urban, there is wide variation across states. The following interactive map identifies the distribution of the homeless population for each of the 50 states. To facilitate this, the categories have been reduced to three - urban, rural, and urban-rural mix - by combing the urban and mostly urban categories as well as the rural and mostly rural categories. The following chart shows the national distribution using the three categories:

The pie chart that is overlaid each state shows the distribution of homelessness by geographic type for that state and is sized to reflect total level of homelessness in that state. Click on the chart to see total homelessness for the state and the percent of the homeless population that is urban, rural, or urban-rural mix.