Hot Off the Press: New Research on Homelessness


Conference Presentation | July 10, 2007

Files: Healthier, happier, and more positive: What \"housing first\" means to people housed under Toronto's Streets to Homes program by Iain De Jong (PDF | 182 KB | 28 pages) Tripling of methamphetamine use among homeless and marginally housed persons, 1996-2003 by Judith Hahn (PPT | 140 KB | 24 pages) Long-Term Housing and Work Outcomes Among Treated Cocaine-Dependent Homeless Persons by Stefan G. Kertesz (PPT | 266 KB | 18 pages)

This workshop provided the opportunity to hear about research on homelessness that is paving the way towards policies and programs that are more effective. Workshop participants had the opportunity to interact with the leading researchers in the field and hear from policy experts about implications of research findings.